Not just another blog in the world…. A blog about (almost) anything in mostly two languages. Some controversial, some light, some fluffy, some heavy subjects.

Djuku the name of an endangered and delicate tree also known as ‘Caesalpinia ciliata’. Where to be found? Try finding it on the web with Google, use the search box on the right.

About the two languages: those will be english (main) and dutch (secondary). If you can’t read one or any of those languages (which means you don’t understand whats written here) you can use one of the translation services here.

For the rest….enjoy, have fun reading and commenting.

By the way…… this is website is also best viewed in Firefox. Click below in the sidebar to download Firefox with Google Toolbar.

PS Sometimes you have take us serious sometimes you don’t have too. When to do that is up to you

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