Just recently the guys and girls at Mobypicture launched a great new tool: MobyNowLite.

Integration of media posted by the users of Mobypictures with the branding or theme you want. The first brand they created this for was for RaboSport. Many more brands followed. After reading the blogpost on the Mobypicture blog I am enthousiastic: you can add mediastream, tweetstreams, blogpost etc!

At Djuku.com we are not that big yet but I have a few ideas that can use this. Maybe the guys at Mobypicture can introduce it to them:

  • To promote the destination Curaçao with #curacao
  • To promote and share the Curaçao North Sea Jazz in September on Curaçao with #CNSJ
  • Gaypride Amsterdam 2010 with the #GP as hashtag for example
  • A little less commercial or touristic: I would think of hosting my own MobyNowLite project. Then I would choose the theme of 365 picture project.

Some examples and I think the first 2 would be an ideal solution for promotion of Curacao. So let shoot n share and promote this brand with the MobyNowLite!

Ps: if needed I can provide contact information for the Curaçao destination

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